In a cab; screaming down the road like a black and orange missile. No bang, or shattering glass, or dust falling from the brickwork.  A blog fades just like a star whose twinkling existence is ignorant to most, but whose light offers a welcome illumination in the darkness. But there are other stars and new ones are always being born and some just grow so large that they swallow whole solar systems. This is what I think about every time a good thing comes to an end…but does it ever really end? I like to think not. Particles–that’s what it’s all about. Atoms shift and take on new forms; things inhabit other existences, other realms, but they never truly fade. It’s too late for them once they become memories; etched in our minds. “Hey, you were the guy that did such-and-such”; “Yes”, I’ll say, “and now I’m doing such-and-such”. It never ends. How can it?

Follow me on my other page if you feel so inclined. But you never know, I may just pop into existence in the solar system that is Virgin once again. It was good knowing you.

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