It’s V-Fest this weekend!

In honour of the epic weekend to come, I’m throwing up some epic performances from the artists I’m most looking forward to. If you’re coming, these videos should get you even more psyched for V-Fest. If you’re not coming, these videos should make your blood boil with jealousy. I’m sorry?

Let’s start with Franz Ferdinand rockin’ out “Outsiders” at T in the Park in 2006. This is an amazing track on its own (listen to that bassline!), but then they add some serious icing to the cake by having a smorgasbord of drummers engulf the stage in excessive awesomeness.

Here’s Mute Math rocking out their standout track “Chaos”. It’s on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, so it doesn’t really convey how awe-inspiring their live performance is. But I saw these guys two years ago at V-Fest, and they are insanely good. I am pumped to see what they have in store this year.

And here’s Paolo Nutini oozing sex appeal at Glastonbury in 2007. I have a terrible habit of not listening to an artist’s second album, even if I loved their debut. Consequently, I have not given Mr. Nutini’s second album much of a shot yet. But, just from his first album and the one time I saw him live, I know he is going to rock the house this weekend.

Finally, here’s my main man Ben Harper at Bonnaroo letting everyone know that “if you don’t like my fire, don’t come around. ‘Cuz I’m gonna burn one dowwwwwwnnn.” He’ll be rocking out with his latest band, Relentless7, and I am ecstatic to hear his new rocking tunes.

Let me know who you’re most looking forward to seeing! I know there’s a lot of NIN and OLP fans out there, not to mention the Pixies, N.E.R.D, Grizzly Bear, and many more!

Whether you’re rocking out at V-Fest, cleaning the garage, or working the weekend shift, I wish you all an awesome weekend.

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