The Effect of the Cannabis Industry on Oklahoma

It’s not surprising that the rising medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma has left an impact on the state. With such a progressive program, the state is definitely moving forward and the people are grateful.

The steps the state lawmakers took has been one of the main reasons why this industry could become a billion dollar one in no time. These lawmakers just need to make sure that the industry is balanced and that everything is in equilibrium. Let’s look into the situation in Oklahoma today.


Massive Pool of Medical Marijuana Patients

In other states, being a medical marijuana patient meant that you have a qualifying condition that’s part of the official list. If your condition is not part of it, there’s no way you could get approved for that form of treatment.
Oklahoma isn’t your typical state. Here, patients can apply for medical marijuana and get approved if they doctor deems it suitable for them to take medical marijuana.

Regardless if it’s a common kind of condition or not. Having no restrictions, a lot of patients have applied for the treatment and they’re getting approved by the thousands. As of June 17, 2019, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority’s Twitter account updated that there have been over 144,000 patient and 1,118 caregiver applications received.

In the same tweet, they stated that there are already about 138,000 patients and 879 caregivers in the state. That’s a really big pool of patients fighting for the supply of marijuana.

But that’s not the only reason why people are sending in applications. Several of the patients have seen the best kind of treatment for their pains and long-time conditions. The prices are also quite acceptable and the state maintains their fairness when it comes to dealings.


Booming Medical Cannabis Businesses

More than just a spike in the number of medical cannabis patients, a lot of business licenses have also been released in the past year. From growers, cultivators, and dispensaries, licenses are also being approved by the hundreds.
According to the latest update from Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority’s Twitter account, the agency has received over 5,800 business applications.

They also gave an update on the number of business licenses in the state. currently, there are 3,211 growers, 1,548 dispensaries, and 859 processor licenses that have been approved.

The numbers are large and it’s only about time when these businesses will fight for who gets to be the top grower, producer, and dispensary. It won’t be long before the numbers will slowly decline until only the best are left.
But on the bright side, having such a massive pool of patients and still being so new, there’s still a lot of room for these dispensaries to leave them marks and make their pitch to these new clients. Let’s just hope that these dispensaries will be able to meet the demands of the patients and stay in the game. It will take some time before we can see which businesses will survive the battle.

Thousands of Applications at OK’s Marijuana Agency

While it’s a good thing that patients are enjoying their freedom to apply to the program, the number of applications has taken a toll on the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. With such a number, they’re having a hard time finishing all of the applications in time.

According to their policy, they need to finish each application within 14 days. That seems doable if you have a lot of people on your team and you work 24 hours a day. But for the OMMA, they decided to close down their customer service department and transfer their staff to review applications last February.

Each employee reviews about 500 patient applications every day. Not being able to work on weekends means that they have backlogs each week that they need to catch up to. Shutting down their customer service department has also been such a drastic change but they know it was a necessary move.

Because of this, the House Rules Committee recently passed an amended version of the Senate Bill 1030. Within this amended version is the proposition to extend the decision time for each application up to 90 days.
It might have a negative impact on those who apply after it gets approved, but it’s clearly such a big help for the agency. Having more time to review and process their applications would mean that they could go back to their normal operations.

The industry has both good and bad effects on Oklahoma. The number of patients are increasing and businesses are mushrooming here and there. The agency’s also taking big amounts of applications. It will take some time before everything calms down and normal operations will take place. if you want to become a medical marijuana patient, take a look at the website here.…


Before I begin, I must say that this post has nothing to do with the recession. I just came right out and said it. Wow, that felt great.

Yesterday, the Veronicas put on a concert at Circa Nightclub in Toronto. The concert was in support of Virgin’s RE*Generation program that focuses on helping homeless and at-risk youth.

Before the concert, Jessica and Lisa of the Veronicas checked out Eva’s Phoenix – a transitional youth facility that RE*Generation supports. They got a tour of the facility and then played a couple of acoustic tracks for everyone in attendance. I was only vaguely familiar with their material prior to yesterday, and I was blown away by their talent. They both sang beautifully and Jessica played the guitar like a pro.

I know it is weird that I was blown away by how talented they were, considering they are superstars. I am simply a cynic and I assume most young pop singers are manufactured to fit a specific niche after focus group testing. But the Veronicas are legit.

However, this post isn’t about their performance. Don’t worry. Our expert cameraman, George, caught all of it on film, plus an interview with the ladies and a unique body autograph they drew on me. That video is coming soon.

This post is about how nice they were. Like super nice. I am by no means an expert on celebrities. The only quasi-famous person have conversed with before the Veronicas were Michael Landsberg from the Canadian television show “Off the Record”. Here is a breakdown of how that conversation played out:

I spot Michael Landsberg as he is crossing the street about twenty metres away from me.

I yell, “Hey Michael Landsberg!”

He looks in my direction.

I yell, “You rock, man!”

He yells, “Thanks!”

What really irks me about that encounter is that I am not even sure if I believe that Michael Landsberg does in fact rock. But I digress. As you can see, my credentials as a judge of celebrities’ character are somewhat lacking. Nevertheless, celebrities are people and I know nice people when I meet them.

The Veronicas were kind enough to let a couple of us hang out with them after the show. I had some great conversations with both of them, and they were really intelligent, funny, and ambitious girls. They’re from Australia, so I’m not sure why that surprised me. All Aussies are awesome people. Must be something in the water over there. Or the fact that they live on a sun-soaked, paradise island far removed from the rest of the world. One of those.

I offer this fact as a prime example of how sweet the Veronicas are: After I interviewed the girls and before their concert, Jessica actually looked up our blog and read some posts. I have to pay my dad money just to read my posts, and she took the initiative to read it on her own. And before her concert, no less!


Jessica and Lisa, if you’re reading this, thanks for being super awesome. And thanks for the special gift you gave me too if you know what I mean. 😉 And if you don’t know what I mean, I’m talking about the beer. Thank you for the beer.

And Dad, if you’re reading this, just lay off! I will get you your money soon! I’m hurting for cash right now!…


C u soon, ttyl, lol, are all phrases that we are familiar with especially in today’s society where text messaging consumes a lot of our phone use. In the past year or so, there has been a growing concern about texting and talking while driving. Unfortunately, we still hear about accidents and I even see people texting and talking while on the road. The Toronto Star published an article about this very popular YouTube video that a British police department created to turn kids away from texting while driving. After watching it I was completely in shock and don’t plan on texting while driving anytime soon. Regardless of if you’re in Britain or in Canada, texting while driving can be one of the most dangerous things you can do. I know your phone is more important than your wallet or even food, but please check out this video and think the next time you decide to text while you are driving. If it is an emergency or time sensitive just pull over to the side of the road. Please. The video is a bit graphic but nothing from a Quentin Tarantino movie. Comments are always appreciated…I would love to hear your thoughts.

Safety measures are taken by the canadian police department. The below explains how:


This time I am not kidding.…


Well, folks, that’s it. The Screw You Recession blog is over. Donezo. Finito.

I can’t believe it has been three months; the summer just flew by. And now the recession is dead. Without engaging in too much hyperbole, I think it is safe to say that this very blog is what drove the final nail in the coffin of the recession. With our humour and extremely high level of intellect, we quite simply outsmarted and out-funny the recession.

The bigwigs running the financial markets took notice that those crazy kids writing the Virgin blog had the recession firmly by the testicles. And when they realized it, they pretty much gave everyone their jobs back. And everyone who had lost money received a reimbursement cheque in the mail. I am pretty sure that’s what transpired.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read our posts and watch our videos. We all had a blast creating content. I hope you had a good chuckle from time to time and that you learned some stuff along the way.

A big thank you goes out to Virgin Mobile to bringing us on board. Winning the contest to become Virgin’s summer intern totally changed my summer and dare I say my life as well? Another shout out goes to the rest of the crew. It was an amazing experience working with all of the contributors on this blog, except for George.

I kid, I kid.

If you want more DJ in your life, add me on Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ve also just started a blog that will chronicle my experience as I try to make it big in the comedy world. If you want to check it out, that would be awesome.

Once again, thanks to all of you who read the Screw You Recession blog this summer. It was an absolute blast.

Keep on keepin’ on.…



In a cab; screaming down the road like a black and orange missile. No bang, or shattering glass, or dust falling from the brickwork.  A blog fades just like a star whose twinkling existence is ignorant to most, but whose light offers a welcome illumination in the darkness. But there are other stars and new ones are always being born and some just grow so large that they swallow whole solar systems. This is what I think about every time a good thing comes to an end…but does it ever really end? I like to think not. Particles–that’s what it’s all about. Atoms shift and take on new forms; things inhabit other existences, other realms, but they never truly fade. It’s too late for them once they become memories; etched in our minds. “Hey, you were the guy that did such-and-such”; “Yes”, I’ll say, “and now I’m doing such-and-such”. It never ends. How can it?

Follow me on my other page if you feel so inclined. But you never know, I may just pop into existence in the solar system that is Virgin once again. It was good knowing you.


It’s V-Fest this weekend!

In honour of the epic weekend to come, I’m throwing up some epic performances from the artists I’m most looking forward to. If you’re coming, these videos should get you even more psyched for V-Fest. If you’re not coming, these videos should make your blood boil with jealousy. I’m sorry?

Let’s start with Franz Ferdinand rockin’ out “Outsiders” at T in the Park in 2006. This is an amazing track on its own (listen to that bassline!), but then they add some serious icing to the cake by having a smorgasbord of drummers engulf the stage in excessive awesomeness.

Here’s Mute Math rocking out their standout track “Chaos”. It’s on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, so it doesn’t really convey how awe-inspiring their live performance is. But I saw these guys two years ago at V-Fest, and they are insanely good. I am pumped to see what they have in store this year.

And here’s Paolo Nutini oozing sex appeal at Glastonbury in 2007. I have a terrible habit of not listening to an artist’s second album, even if I loved their debut. Consequently, I have not given Mr. Nutini’s second album much of a shot yet. But, just from his first album and the one time I saw him live, I know he is going to rock the house this weekend.

Finally, here’s my main man Ben Harper at Bonnaroo letting everyone know that “if you don’t like my fire, don’t come around. ‘Cuz I’m gonna burn one dowwwwwwnnn.” He’ll be rocking out with his latest band, Relentless7, and I am ecstatic to hear his new rocking tunes.

Let me know who you’re most looking forward to seeing! I know there’s a lot of NIN and OLP fans out there, not to mention the Pixies, N.E.R.D, Grizzly Bear, and many more!

Whether you’re rocking out at V-Fest, cleaning the garage, or working the weekend shift, I wish you all an awesome weekend.…