Paint Yourself Thrifty

June 15th, 2009 by George


If there’s something that making art teaches us—it’s patience. With less money to go around these days, we have to be a bit more creative with how we spend. That might mean that you might not be able dish out for expensive digital-manipulation programs like Photoshop, but my art-hero for today, Stanley William Moore II, shows you that patience goes a long way with very little. He made this pic using only MS Paint! Yeah, you know that FREE program that comes with your PC? This is only a portion of the picture, check out the rest here. Scroll down to “Ultimate MS Paint”. Totally bananas, isn’t it? If you love Macs, here’s the Mac equivalent.

Ok, so now that I’ve pointed the way to some free stuff, guess what? Here’s more! This site has some great tips and links to free software, so that the next time you post pics to your Facebook profile, your friends don’t think you’re a talentless loser who should stick to ordering the rounds rather than taking the group photos. See Example below. (Red-eye enhanced for dramatic effect—thanks, Paint).


So what’s the lesson? Well, if you apply a sage’s patience to your budget the way that Stanley Moore does to his art, you can still make beautiful things happen. I know I’m going to try. Stay tuned for more of my recession-themed heroes. Can I call them Recessioneroes, or is that lame? I think it’s lame… I’m taking suggestions….

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5 Responses to “Paint Yourself Thrifty”

  1. Darren says:

    love this post.

  2. Chelsea says:

    Recessioneroes?? Comonnnn…kkinnnddaa lame. Even Recessionere-O’s would’ve been just that much more clever…

    All and all wanted to say:

    Sick to blog, sick tips and hillarious comments to make me giggle a little bit and have the rest of my co-workers look at me like i’m crazy, or some have started to think they are just that much more funny (which they’re not).

    Keep it up!


  3. Nick says:

    Hey George!
    Nice to see ya back at the blogging thing. Although I’ve never used it I know that GIMP is another free image editing program. There are also sites like Picnik and FotoFlexer that let you do it online for free (with premium features costing money). I’ll be tuning in to your posts to see how you’re making out. Tough to shake the blogging bug, huh?

  4. George says:

    Darren–Any love for my posts is love for me and—well shucks I love you too man. Ahem *reasserting his masculinity. Yes, well that’s what it’s about folks, giving the recession the ol’ Salami Surprise and whatnot.

    Chelsea–looking like you’re crazy at work is a great way to get off early. Just be sure to tell them that they ARE funny and you unfortunately are suffering because of it. They will at once feel contemplated and confused; that’s when you head for the door and a well-deserved day off!

    • George says:

      Just to clarify, when I said that workers will feel contemplated, I meant COMPLIMENTED (I really have to
      lay off the Green Tea, all I think about is thinking about stuff these days; hence, contemplation).

      Nick–you are the king of thrift, my Nova Scotian friend. All your suggestions are welcome, as they’re
      always good. I’m going to check out Picknick and Fotoflexer and yes, blogging is about as close as I
      can get to satisfied. Throw in a camera and some music and I’m just peachy. The videos are coming!

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